Can I get my Low refinished?

  • Posted on: 11 June 2015
  • By: admin

If you want to refinish your Low, we can do a stock finish for $300, custom finishes are $200 extra (see our price list for more info onpricing). This price does not include shipping. Shipping will be at the owner's expense and risk, both ways, and we will only supply our own packing materials when sending your frame back to you. We will not refinish a colored frame to raw. PLEASE NOTE: While we are extremely careful with our frames while they are in our care, and it has never happened before, we will not take any responsibility if the frame gets damaged while in our care- Refinishing a used Low is not worth this liability.  Due to our limited workforce, and because it is a low priority for us, turnaround is 4-6 weeks.