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f.a.q. // terms & conditions

Our current prices can be viewed here. Payment of the $600 deposit locks in your pricing against future price increases, unless you change your frame model when confirming your order.

We keep the current wait time up to date, and can be viewed in the 'frames' page. And yes, we obsessively keep the wait time current. Please note that because of the unpredictable nature of small scale manufacturing, delays are uncommon, but occur from time to time. Because of this, promised wait times are not guaranteed, but it is very uncommon for any order to be more than 2 months late. 

All frames are under warranty for a period of one year. Our warranty covers premature fatigue failure due to poor welding. Manufacturer defects, such as a misaligned frame, or the frame not functioning properly for whatever reason must be reported within the first 3 months from the date your frame was shipped out to you.

Heavily worn, abused, dented, or crashed frames will NOT be warrantied.

All frames will be warrantied at our sole discretion.

All frames ordered through LOW// are made to order.  We occasionally sell unclaimed or defective frames in our web store, and we now have select dealers who carry LOW// Bicycles in stock. We also supply frames to authorized dealers around the world. Please check our dealers page for more information.

1. Purchase a frameset or complete bicycle of your choice using the order forms on each frame model page.

2. After your order is placed, your frame is added to the production queue with the current lead time of 10-14 weeks to be complete.

3. Contact us if you need to make changes or add anything to your order.

4. Once your frame order is ready to ship, we will send an invoice for the shipping costs and will email the tracking information once the order is in transit.

5. Enjoy the ride!

Email info@lowbicycles.com is you have further questions


We are more than happy to change your order, but changes can only be made up to the date we begin production on the frame. This date will be provided after orders are placed and added to the production queue schedule.

We allow our customers to pay a minimum of $300 per payment. To request a payment, just contact us at info@lowbicycles.com with the amount you wish to pay, and we will take care of the rest.

Under most circumstances, we allow our customers to delay their order up to 6 weeks. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, we are willing to work with you. In addition, shortly before starting each production run, we will send out a ‘Start Run Notice’. We ask that our customers confirm their order by RSVP’ing the Start Run Notice by the posted deadline. If they do not respond by the deadline, they will receive two more Start Run Notices, with each notice spaced two weeks apart. If our customers do not RSVP to the third notice by the posted deadline, their order will be canceled, and the deposit will not be returned

While we hope that the wait time gives our customers more than enough time to come up with the necessary funds (you will be sent your final payment invoice 8-12 weeks before the frame is ready to ship), we understand there are sometimes extenuating circumstances. This can be paid at any time before the frame is ready to ship. If the frame is not paid in full by them, you will have 6 weeks to pay from the day the frame is boxed up. After that your frame will be put up for sale in the Low bicycles web store. You can still pay the balance you owe and claim your frame if it is not already sold off.

We do not refund deposits or any other payments made unless we caused any damage, defects warranting a refund or discount, or if we are unable to deliver goods as promised. Our customers are responsible for ensuring they are aware of all costs and conditions involved with ordering a LOW// bicycle frame. 

Average shipping rates for the US: $70, Europe and Canada: $100, Central America $100 Asia: $130, Australia: $300 - These shipping rates are not guaranteed! Cost may vary, depending on final destination’s accessibility. Buyer beware!:  Shipping rates are subject to change without notice, and Low Bicycles is not responsible for notifying our customers  of unexpectedly high shipping costs associated with shipping to far-flung regions. Regions not listed, i.e. African continent, the Middle East, parts of Russia, and South America can be shipped at a reasonable rate, but can sometimes cost several hundred dollars to ship. Because we have no control over shipping costs, we do not automatically quote shipping up front, and we cannot quote future rates. If requested, we will provide current ship rates. Please contact us at info@lowbicycles.com with your shipping address for a quote. Because shipping rates are subject to change without notice, a previously quoted rate might not necessarily be the same as the rate on a given ship date. 

We value all our customers equally, so we do not expedite orders. If we bump one person up the wait list, everybody after that person gets bumped down the wait list. Out of fairness to everyone, we have a strict policy of first come first served.

We now offer wholesale price to select dealers. Bike shops and other dealers are welcome to inquire about the wholesale offerings. Please email us at info@lowbicycles.com for dealer details.

Please contact us if you are a competitive racer. We will try to work with you. All riders must be ranked by an official cycling governing body such as USA Cycling or UCI, and there must be a minimum of four riders. This is not a guarantee of sponsorship, we will work with each team on a case-by-case basis.

We do not do custom finishes or decals. Those frames are one-off’s, and due to our heavy workload and limited workforce, we simply do not have the extra time it takes to do custom finishes and decals. We do however allow our customers to subtract decals if they prefer a cleaner look. We will not change the decal arrangement, i.e. we will not change the position of the top tube decal, etc.

Unfortunately we are not able to have our customers test ride our bikes before committing, but if you contact us explaining what you are looking for in your riding experience, we will do everything we can to assist you in selecting the right frame and the right size. Please note that because we are unable to fit our customers in person, any recommendations we make on sizing are just that; recommendations. If ordering a stock size, we are not responsible for improper fit. If you are unsure about what size bike is correct for you, we highly recommend speaking to a qualified fit expert.

Some customers wish to have brake holes drilled for their bike, or certain decals subtracted. If there is something you have in mind just run it by us: info@lowbicycles.com

We have seen knock-off Lows out there, and while it is very flattering, we do our best to protect our brand, so we do not sell frame decals. We do however have small stickers. please contact us for sticker packs.

If you want to refinish your Low, we can do a stock finish for $300, custom finishes are $200 extra (see our price list for more info onpricing). This price does not include shipping. Shipping will be at the owner's expense and risk, both ways, and we will only supply our own packing materials when sending your frame back to you. We will not refinish a colored frame to raw. PLEASE NOTE: While we are extremely careful with our frames while they are in our care, and it has never happened before, we will not take any responsibility if the frame gets damaged while in our care- Refinishing a used Low is not worth this liability.  Due to our limited workforce, and because it is a low priority for us, turnaround is 4-6 weeks.