mki road

The mki road is a racing machine down to its core, designed to outperform in any criterium or go the distance on the longest, most grueling race your body can handle. Above all, it was designed to go fast. Exceptionally stiff, responsive and comfortable, this frame is the obvious choice for performance-oriented, quality-conscious riders who take training and racing seriously. It is an excellent alternative to high end carbon frames - without sacrificing any performance, quality or comfort. Once you get on this bike, you will understand the true potential of aluminum as a material of choice for high performance racing bicycles.

Handmade, in-house at our San Francisco workshop, the mki road features a beautiful design with FLEXshape tubing - our custom shaped, tuned and butted proprietary aerospace grade aluminum tubing- smooth welds, and the highest level of craftsmanship. All this to ensure precise handling, superior strength, stiffness and comfort.

Starting price: $2399



The superiority of the mki road does not only stem from its skillfully hand-crafted construction or the use of the highest quality alloys available, but from our devotion to designing, testing, tuning and building a bicycle that can compete and win at the highest levels of competition. Our well thought out design has created, dollar for dollar, one of the best performing bicycles on the market today.

"this machine kills carbon" -and any preconceived notions of the superiority of carbon over aluminum - The mki road demolishes them all:

Many people dismiss aluminum as a material not suited for high end racing bicycles, but aluminum bicycle frame design has drastically improved since the bicycle industry first decided to market carbon fiber as the material of choice for high end bicycle fames.

FLEXshape Tubing Design - Through careful design, testing and the development of our FLEXshape Tubing Concept, we have made use of every advantage aluminum has to offer. FLEXshape Tubing Design is based on the simple principle that oval shaped tubes will flex more along one axis over another. By 'ovalizing' certain tubing cross-sections in varying degrees and specific orientations to the horizontal and vertical axis of a frame, high grade aluminum becomes a very versatile material that can be endlessly tuned to varying levels of stiffness, to compliment and create any performance characteristics the bike’s rider requires. We spared no effort to ensure the perfect balance of round and shaped tubing to acheive optimum performance and comfort.

'handmade san francisco' - Every Low Bicycles frame is handmade in San Francisco, California, U.S.A, with love, care and attention to detail. All our employees are paid a living wage, and it shows in the quality of our work.

FLEXshape Tubing Design- The mkI road fame features wide and flat taper shaped rear stays and top tube, carefully tuned and shaped to absorb shock and vibration while keeping pedal deflection at bay. 

Integrated seat stays//top tube- Instead of terminating directly into the seat tube, the seat stays go around the seat tube, integrating into the top tube in one 'seamless' form. Aside from looking good, this design subtley deflects shock away from the seat tube (and up your butt), allowing it to dissipate into the top tube. The effect is subtle, but makes all the difference on a long ride

'Stiff Back-Bone'-  While focusing on compliance in the rear end of the fame, the front end is all business, and stiffness is the name of the game. As the main structural member, our massive, oversized down tube forms the rigid 'back-bone' of the frame. This design is excellent for resisting torsion and bottom bracket diflection in sprints and climbs, ensuring every joule of energy is put to good use in those crucial moments when you are max'd out and everything is on the line.

1-1/2" tapered head tube- Like any self respecting contemporary road bike design, the mkI features a 1-1/2" tapered head tube, ensuring precise handling on descents, and anywhere else for that matter, while providing extra front end stiffness, stability and comfort.



average frame weight (54cm) 1350g

BB = English Threaded 68mm

Quick release drop outs

Tapered 1 1/8 to 1 1/2 head tube


ENVE 2.0 Carbon Road fork QR

seat post: 



ATop tube - effective length520535545565580600
BSeat tube c-c415445462482502532
B1Seat tube c-top463493513533552586
CHead tube (Traditional)n/an/an/an/an/an/a
C1Head tube (Integrated)100120140160180210
DSeat tube angle75°74°74°74°73°73°
D1Head tube angle72°73°73°73°73.5°73.5°
EChainstay length405405405405408408
GBottom bracket drop707070707070
HStandover height719744763782800833
KFork length365365365365365365
LFork rake434343434343


stock colorway: 
matte black with white/orange graphics / classic colorways and raw finish also available


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Jul 20 2016
Road Bike Action Magazine
Jun 21 2016